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Why executive coaching can help your business (and your career)

Which organisation doesn’t want their team showing up every day focused, motivated and inspired to contribute? Can you imagine just how much such a business culture would transform your bottom line? 5%? 10%? 100%?! Indeed, companies with strong leaders grow revenues twice as fast as those with weak leaders according to a research study from the leading member-based advisory company CEB.

However Gallup analytics reveal that just 15% of global employees are engaged at work. A highly engaged culture only happens when there are influential, effective and supportive leaders – at all levels. It sounds like a tough challenge, and it is: Most leaders still lack the skills to create a high-performance culture, in which to thrive in today’s rapidly changing work environment. There is an urgent need for leadership development and goal-oriented, performance coaching can help create the shift required.

How does executive coaching deliver such results? By getting the coaching counterpart to improve continuously – not for a day or two, but in a sustainable manner, focused on action and results.

Leadership seems “intuitive”, almost obvious, yet few “leaders” are efficient and as a consequence few teams are high-performing. They struggle to move beyond the intellectual understanding to a new behaviour.

Simply put, coaching ROI is strong – because it grows by switching from passive to active learning with a focus on results and continuous improvement.

Coaching has proven itself to be one of the best investments in growth, training and development available to organizations. CEB research validates this, highlighting that combining sales team training with coaching improves returns fourfold relative to training alone.

There are several case studies and Dell Computer Corporation is one such company that has chosen to invest in coaching and is reaping the benefits. They offered coaching to nearly 400 executives and their internal survey determined that satisfaction rates exceeded 90 percent. They also found more promotions among senior staff members who had been coached than those who had not.

Executive coaching is fairly common in tech firms such as Dell, Google, etc.

People development through business coaching is fast, efficient and cost effective and will get you measurable results. Business coaching can be applied to any employee within an organisation; from executive coaching for a company director, right through to coaching a front-line member of staff. It can help to bring out the best in the individual and help to remove the barriers that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Historically, executive coaches may have been approached to help resolve toxic misconduct and harmful behaviour in upper management levels; today, executive coaching is far more about developing and harnessing the maximum capabilities of performers with high potential. Being coached on skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, executive presence, resilience, sustained performance and behaviour management, is now proven to tangibly contribute to a business’s performance. This is not dissimilar to top athletes who use coaches to get and stay at the top of their game. The Bob Bowman for Michael Phelps!

Now let’s do a simple exercise:

Take a key project you’re working on: a new process, a product launch, a cost saving initiative.

Imagine if you could deliver that project faster, bigger, cheaper or better: give it a 10% incremental benefit for the sake of an example. For instance, launching a new product two months early (or simply on time rather than 2 months late!): how much would these 2 extra months be worth for your company (and then for your career!)?

Would it be worth investing a few thousand dollars to get that benefit? Well, that’s your business case to justify leadership and executive coaching – a kind of insurance!

You can’t cut your costs to greatness. Rather the opposite: investing in people, investing in yourself, is the best investment you can make.

So, are you ready to transform your or your company’s level of performance? Inspire your team to achieve more? Accelerate your business growth or simply disrupt and outperform all others?

But maybe you have already attended a leadership training session, got all excited and full of good intentions and then ... no change?! If so, you're not alone: For change to happen and to last, it needs to start from the “core”, with your values and beliefs, it needs to become embedded. Moving from passive to active learning, for a real, lasting transformation, reconditioning you for peak performance by replacing your old limiting beliefs and behaviours by new, high-performance ones, working on reducing your weaknesses and building on your strengths over time.

That's what makes Core Fusion Executive Coaching unique: we start at the core, leverage your unique strengths and remove the interferences holding you and your team back, so you can reach a higher, more sustainable level of performance, both in your personal and professional life.

My unique approach combines 18 years of international corporate blue-chip experience with first-hand director level experience (where I was ranked within the CMO top 50 as well as 2017 CXO Marketing leader of the year), augmented by a certification from the top executive coaching training organisation, the IECL, which gives me the unique ability to understand, coach and mentor through complex business challenges and systems. I have lived through the same challenges and can help you speed up your learning curve and effectiveness.

I am also an accomplished keynote speaker, and have spoken at major conferences including Millennial 20/20 and Women In marketing leadership.

Get a taste of your full potential: Core Fusion Executive Coaching offers a FREE 60-minute initial discovery consultation. Sign up for your free session today.

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